Tuesday, December 9, 2008

John Key has made his choice

It isn't terrible, but it isn't great either.

The order paper for today includes the details of the climate change select committee.
  • We wanted a larger committee, and we got that - eleven members. But the committee is stacked rightwards more than we'd like, and it has Rodney Hide on it. And the chair of the committee is Peter Dunne, who is a bit of a Rodney himself! Could be better.
  • We wanted the review of the science to go, and it is gone. Great!
  • We wanted a streamlined terms of reference so we could get through things quickly. No such luck. The terms of ref are basically the same as ACT's proposal, with the exception of the science review. So we're in for a long haul on this committee.
Now it's time to take stock, figure out where our next point of leverage is, and look towards that. I have no doubt that the letters we sent made a difference to this decision. For all of you who got something sent - nice work!

And for those of you who didn't get around to sending a letter - well, you'll have to make it up some other time. There's plenty of good reasons to communicate to government. Find a good one and speak your mind. It really does make a difference.


pete said...

I think it would be helpful to write letter to that nice man Mr Key thanking him for a less-bad-than-we-expected choice (minus the sarcasm of course). Positive reinforcement being more effective and all.

Morgan Davie said...

Y'know, this is not a bad idea at all.

Key can still have a lot of influence over the way the Select Committee goes - if he chooses to exercise it. This kind of followup might help with that.

Dan said...

Rodney Hide speaking on Radio New Zealand this morning:

"I'd prefer that New Zealand do nothing."

His words exactly.

Now there's a leader for you.

In the meantime, moving forward, "Don't be a Rodney, Peter Dunne? Nick Smith?"