Monday, December 8, 2008

What Needs Fixin'

In the agreement between National and ACT, John Key signed us up for a Select Committee process to review the Emissions Trading Scheme. That's a done deal. But there are a couple of spots where we can apply some letter-writing leverage.
  • Ask for the select committee to be a large one, not a small one. John Key can influence how big the committee is - and the larger it is, the more voices we have at the table who aren't from ACT! It's also good for democracy to get broad representation from across the House, because we're talking about something that matters to all New Zealanders and for generations to come! (Find out more about select committee size.)
  • Ask for the "review of the science" to get the chop! ACT wants the select committee to examine the science of climate change. This is just embarrassing! Like Barack Obama says, the time for denial is gone. How can politicians in select committee second-guess the Royal Society and the IPCC? Besides, every other government is satisfied about the science - we are being left behind! If this point is left in, there'll be months of delay. Ask John Key to get rid of it! (Find out more about the review of the science.)
  • Ask for a narrow focus! ACT has asked for a big set of jobs for the select committee, which will mean a long, slow process. But time is of the essence! The whole world is shifting into gear on emissions trading, and it will hit us soon whether we're ready or not. The longer we delay, the greater the cost to our pockets in tax. We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars! Ask John Key to strip the select committee business down to the bare minimum, so it gets through its business fast. (Find out more about the narrow focus.)
That's it. Those three points are the big ones to hit. Choose just one or mention all three - up to you!


Dean Knight said...

You might want to consider amending your excellent template letter. John Key is (presently at least) only Honourable, not Right Honourable!

Morgan Davie said...

really? i am clueless about such details, sadly! will do so!

Steve Wrathall said...

You should welcome the chance to present the evidence for catastrophic human-induced global warming to a parliamentary select committee. After all, it's so overwhelming...isn't it?

Morgan Davie said...

Hi Steve!

Don't be a Rodney!


Duncan Bayne said...
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Morgan Davie said...

Comment deleted for not understanding what this group is about and general Rodney-ism. The administrator's decision is final, etc etc etc. If you want to argue about whether AGW is real, go to Hot Topic.