Monday, December 8, 2008

Write A Letter

The single most important thing you can do is send a letter - on paper.

No, seriously. Government runs on bits of paper. Paper matters. You should send them a bit of paper with your name on it that says what you think. Because the thing is, they actually pay attention. They do!

And postage? Postage to Government is free. Free! Just write "Parliament Buildings" on the envelope and NZPost does the rest!

So go for it. Cut and paste the stuff below into your favourite typing window, tap away, hit print, wrap it up and send!

Hon John Key
Prime Minister
Executive Wing
Parliament Buildings

Dear Prime Minister

** 1. Tell him why you are writing** [e.g. " I am writing to ask you to show some leadership on climate change" or "I am concerned about your direction on climate change or I am writing to you about climate change"]

** 2. Explain in a bit more detail** [e.g. "I've read that as part of your agreement with the Act party there will be a review of climate change, and that this will include a review of the science on whether climate change exists. I am concerned about this because..."]

** 3. Explain what action you'd like him to take and how this would help ** [e.g. "I think it would be a good idea if you made sure that a review of the science was not included as part of the role of the Select Committee. Taking this off the agenda would help NZ maintain credibility with the rest of the developed world."]

** 4. Maybe add a short personal note ** [e.g. "My family and I saw you at the Taupo markets when you were out campaigning and I'd like to congratulate you on winning the election"]

** 5. Thank him for his time! ** [e.g. "Thank you for taking the time to consider my concerns. I look forward to hearing from you."]



And that is that! Remember -
  • Keep it short! 1 page is enough. 1-2 pages if you have a lot to say
  • Be polite! You want John Key to listen to your views
  • Make it personal - use your own words as much as possible. It is much more effective if the PM receives 200 different letters saying the same thing in 200 different ways, that 200 copies of the same letter
Print it off and post it. You don't need a stamp, it's free to send a letter to Parliament.

(And of course you can email your letter instead, to - and that's still pretty good. But bits of paper definitely hit much harder.)


xorgnz said...

Are you making a list of the letters people have sent anywhere? I just posted mine at

Only email so far, but I'll print it and send a physical one once I get to NZ in a week or two.

Morgan Davie said...

We don't, yet. I've blogged all the public ones I know about here though.

Unknown said...

You can also check about sending a letter to all members of Parliament. You can also send a letter to all members of Parliament, but you have to do 122 copies of your letter in one envelope and include a covering note to ask each copy to be distributed to each MP.